I live in the Middle East but I am from America. I prefer to access MSN as my home page, not Arabia MSN.

How is it that my choice of home page selections can be imposed upon. All of a sudden I'm getting Arabia MSN and even when I try to access the mainstream MSN I still get Arabia MSN. I'm finding that there are too many controls by regional governments as to what the general public can and cannot access. I want to be able to have a choice.

So, I'm through with MSN. I'll use Yahoo as my home page instead.

With Yahoo, I have a choice. I guess I have a choice with MSN, too--Shut if off!

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Please go to your Hotmail account settings and make sure your location is set to your home country. I had the same problem and resolved by setting it all.

Don't leave it blank. hope it helps!


m having the same prb dese days... and the weirdest thing is all they have on arabia.msn.com is junk no useful info...I wonder MSN believe there is no body on land who wants to be aware of useful info.


Yes, thank you! It's so retarded.

I used to love the NORMAL msn.com; don't know what's up with these guys that they feel the user must be redirected to arabia msn just because he/she resides there. So irritating!

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